Hannah doress brings 20 years experience to Promoting, producing and packing events

Hannah Doress has been producing social purpose events professionally since 1996. She is an email newsletter and online promotion pioneer, and a specialist in grassroots events promotions. 

She is known for creating dynamic multifaceted events that engage multiple demographics at the same time, and for achieving high visibility and success for first-time events. She is best known for the Earth Day Marin Festivals, the Fairfax Body & Soul Festivals and for the Tryst and Action Boston LGBT Pride Parties. She produced 9 years of packed events for San Geronimo Valley Community Center including the bilingual and collaboratively produced Mexican Arts Festival, the youth-led Sprout Festival, the West Marin Himalayan Festival, the Yiddish Folk Festival and the Wavy Gravy Summer of Love Revival among many others. 

She works extensively with social entrepreneurship, environmental, progressive, arts, health, equity and LGBT organizations and businesses, cross-fertilizing methodologies and tools to support events and other outreach and engagement efforts. She leverages skills and resources drawn from her diverse experience in the nonprofit, small business, socially-responsible corporate and educational sectors. Learn more about what Hannah Doress does for clients.

Hannah Doress Events/Word Out Consulting works with select associates and vendors such as graphic and venue designers, project managers, fund development professionals, performing artists and others, to get the job done right. Please contact Hannah if you would like to inquire about becoming an associate.

Hannah Doress is also Vice President of The Breaking News Network (  and Producer of the Beta-stage Climate News Network ( She helps agencies, advocacy organizations and others leverage the power of breaking news and social media. She co-founded and co-directs Shore Up Marin (http;//, a multiracial sea level rise, flooding, water issues and emergency preparedness coalition. She is a senior fellow of The Environmental Leadership Program and a member of the SF Bay Area Women's Environmental Network and Bay Area Cause Communications / Nonprofit Technology Network. In 2014 she received the Essence Award for "taking action on your vision for a better Marin and world with an entreprenuerial attitude and spirit" from Renaissance Business Center. Her Boston-based events company archives are held by the Schlesinger Library (Harvard/Radcliffe).

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"Hannah was brilliantly organized, flexible and creative when unexpected changes occurred and positive and inspiring to all of us working on the event (Earth Day Marin 2013). I spent many years involved with events in the radio business in San Francisco and I can confidently state that Hannah has that rare combination of organization, flexibility, resilience, humor, understanding and leadership that makes for an extraordinary director and event visionary." 
-- Robin Carpenter, Host of Farm and Foodshed Report on KWMR

"Hannah Doress Events (HDE) has been a terrific asset in growing our Dipsea Hike for Zero Breast Cancer. HDE provided exceptional promotional services for our 2011 and 2012 events. We expanded our contract with HDE this year and were thrilled with the results - we launched a new sponsorship program, doubled our teams, refined marketing and public relations messaging, and raised the most money ever this year. We appreciate that HDE was not content to simply repeat the success of the previous year but rather helped us bring the event to the next level. As an added bonus Hannah Doress advised us on our event layout, which was very successful and agreed to MC part of the event where she kept the focus on our message and engaged the crowd with enthusiasm and humor." 
-- Janice Barlow, Executive Director, Zero Breast Cancer

“Chairing the Earth Day Marin 2010 event brought an unexpected reward in the opportunity to work closely with Hannah Doress. Hannah is an energetic and uniquely collaborative leader, bringing fresh perspectives and creative thinking to anything she touches while providing tangible support to every member of the team. She generates her own kind of power from within, and amazed me every day with the magic she pulled out of her hat. Any organization that's smart enough to sign on with Hannah Doress Events will never again be satisfied to work with ordinary mortals."
-- Susan Bierzychudek, Principal at Green Ideals Branding and Marketing & Chair, Earth Day Marin Advisory Committee

[Earth Day Marin logo] "I was totally bowled over by the success of Earth Day Marin on so many levels.  It was intergenerational, fun, packed with interesting folks, full  of variety and extremely well organized.  On top of that, Hannah Doress Productions was easy to work with and greeted us warmly when we arrived to set up our display booth.  Having attended hundreds of events around the Bay Area the past 20 years, I can say this was one of my favorite all-time experiences. Thank you Hannah Doress."
-- Annan Paterson

"Congratulations for your brilliant work in organizing such a wonderful festival (Earth Day Marin). We were honored to be a part of it." 
-- Dr. Elmo and Wild Blue

"(Hannah) has a core work ethic and sense of community, which is matched by her creative strategies in promoting and spreading an awareness about special events. She is able to enlighten a potential audience to the unique qualities of each event she puts her heart into. The very reputation of the event will be enhanced by her participation. ...  Our event (The Storyland Festival) was on a very hot day, which happened to be in direct competition with another local event targeting the same age group.  There is no question in my mind that the 500+ people who attended and enjoyed our event were a direct result of Hannah's passionate efforts." 
-- Meegan Ochs,  Storyland Festival co-producer and Special Events Director, ACLU of Southern CA

"Hannah Doress is both a visionary and a workhorse!"                                                                              --Morgan Hall, co-President, Fairfax Chamber of Commerce

“Hannah Doress single handedly transformed the LBT culture in Boston creating innovative entertaining events with an underlying social justice message that radically engaged the community in a way not seen before. Her ability to build bridges between communities was exceptional and her legacy continues on through the electronic “List” she created that continues to provide thousands of Bostonians with weekly information on housing, jobs and events.” 

-- Kristen Porter, CEO, Kristen Porter Consulting

"Hanarchy Now Productions [Doress' Boston-based events company launched in 1995] a groundbreaking, volunteer-based organization spearheaded by dyke guru Hannah Doress...has impacted countless people.... Doress' actions...challenged and linked various communities that may never [have met] or grown without her influence.... While most of us were just getting to know the Internet...Doress unleashed an innovative networking...tool [which is] in high demand today. [We're] enthralled and excited by the diverse cultural group that's constantly being represented[s] up.... Doress remains true to her committment to exite people and work towards [an] inclusive [community]."   

--RJ Grubb, Bossy Magazine, November 1998

"[Hannah has] fresh vision, dynamic energy, keen social perception and solid business acumen..."
-- Trudy Totty, Neo Consulting

“Hannah is thorough, energized, and super competent. AND it's fun to work with her!” 
-- Eve Decker, Rebecca Riots

"[Hannah has been] working tirelessly to bring us sold-out houses and countless new fans." 
-- Lark Coryell, Solstice